Dominic Muren

Dominic Muren is founder and principal of The Humblefactory, a design laboratory in Seattle, Washington which develops tools and technologies that increase the capabilities of Makers around the world. Since his early career founding the popular industrial design blog, and writing for – dubbed “The Green CNN” – Dominic has been exploring the opportunities and consequences of how we make the objects we need. His most recent book “Green’s Not Black & White: The balanced guide to making eco-decisions” has been reprinted in 6 languages. Since 2006, he has been writing about a new, open-hardware-based, human-scaled ethos for manufacturing at In 2010, he was awarded a TED Global fellowship for his work on Humblefacture. In 2011, he was named a PopTech Social Innovation Fellow. His most recent project,, is an online platform to host a global conversation about what can be made, and how to make it, in order to accelerate the development of open, distributed, community embedded manufacturing. In addition to his work at The Humblefactory, Dominic lectures in Industrial Design at the University of Washington in Seattle.