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8:30 Breakfast & Registration

9:15 Welcome, Opening Remarks

Catarina Mota & Dustyn Roberts

9:30 – 11:15 SESSION 1


Chris Anderson – Microeconomics for Makers: Business Models for the New Industrial Revolution [slides] [video]

Big Picture, Big Ideas

Dale Dougherty – Name Game: Make, Makers, Maker Faires and Makerspaces [slides] [video]
Leah Buechley – Empowerment and Open Source Hardware [slides] [video]
Akiba – Humanitarian Open Source Hardware [slides] [video]
Michael Weinberg – How Hardware Is Helping Save Open in DC [no slides, but see follow up post] [video]
Ayah Bdeir – Breaking Open Our Education [slides] [video]

11:15 Break

11:30 – 1:00 SESSION 2

Community & Education

Shannon Dosemagen & Liz Barry – Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science: Supporting Community Advocacy [slides]
Jim Burke – The Power Racing Series: How Open Competition and Hackerspaces Inspire the Public
Katherine Moriwaki, Louisa Campbell, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph Saavedra, Liza Stark – Scrapyard Challenge Jr.: A low-cost, reduced feature-set platform utilizing open hardware for experimenting with electricity and materials through creating sound [slides]
Paulo Blikstein – The FabLab@School Project: Digital Fabrication for the Other 99%
Sylvia Todd & Joey Hudy – Why Open Hardware is Super-Awesome for Kids [slides] [slides with voice over]

Hardware & Materials

Dominic Muren – Free As In Dirt: Why Matter Matters for Open Hardware [slides]
Erin Kennedy – Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits! [slides]
Pat Delany – Multimachine: A $150 Lathe/Mill/Drill made of Concrete and Scrap Metal [slides]
Josef Prusa – The Art of RepRap Breeding [slides]

1:00 – 3:00 Lunch (on your own)

3:00 – 4:45 SESSION 3

Legal & Licensing

Andrew Katz & Myriam Ayass – Open Hardware Licensing: Why? How? [slides – Andrew] [slides – Myriam]
David Carrier – Finding the Limits of Open Hardware: Examples and End Cases [slides] [paper airplane]
Kipp Bradford – Patents 3.0: How to fix American Innovation [slides][video]

Business & Manufacturing

Marco Perry – Going from a Heavy IP World (patent everything!) to an Open Hardware World [slides][video]
Amanda Wozniak – Hands on Design for Hardware: A Primer on Manufacturing and Ethnography of Use [slides][video]
Mike Hord – Agency Compliance and You: An Introduction for Small Manufacturers of OSHW [slides][video]
Ian Lesnet – A Sketchy History: USB and Open Hardware [slides (CC-BY-SA)][video]
Justin Shaw & Anool J M – WyoLum Sweat Equity [slides]
Bre Pettis – Challenges of Open Source Consumer Products [slides][video]

4:45 Break

5:00 – 6:30 SESSION 4

New Frontiers

Greg Gage – Backyard Brains: Improving the Understanding of the Brain Through Open Source Neurotechnology [slides] [video]
Russell Neches & Meg Pirrung – An Open Laboratory for Microbial Ecology [slides]
Jordan Miller – Sweet Science: 3D Printed Sugar Templates for Regenerative Medicine [slides][video]
John Nicol – Makerplane [slides]
Stephen Murphey – Open Sourcing the Final Frontier [slides]

Art & Design

Valérie Lamontagne – Open Wearables [slides]
Hannah Perner-Wilson – A Kit-of-No-Parts [slides][video]
Chris Novello – illucia dtr [video]

6:30 Closing Remarks

Alicia Gibb – The Open Source Hardware Association [slides]

6:45 – 9:00 Open Hardware Celebration

Dessert will be provided along with beer from Brooklyn Brewery, wine, and other surprises. Demos and posters will be on display, and there will be particular areas and times allotted for discussion groups on specific topics.