D1 Alexander Chemeris UmTRX: The Open Hardware for a GSM Base Station
D2 Amelia Marzec Re-wired: Translating the Auditory Experience
D3 Ultimaker
D4 Chris Novello Illucia DTR (A Software Patchbay Instrument)
D5 Cindy Harnett Trilife Kit
D6 Industry City Distillery
D7 Erin “RobotGrrl” Kennedy RoboBrrd
D8 Roberto Melendez & Gabriella Levine Open Hardware for the Ocean: Protei, a Proliferating Fleet of Ocean-Cleaning Sailing Drones
D9 Hernani Dias & Max Kazemzadeh of Refarm the City Mojitos Farm
D10 J. Simmons Demonstration of the ‘Shepard’ Rocket Motor Test Stand
D11 Jason Huggins Bitbeam – The Open Source Building Toy
D12 Jason Yosinski Aracna: An Open Source 3D Printed Walking Robot
D13 Jeff Rowberg Keyglove Wearable Input Device
D14 Jennifer Jacobs Codeable Objects
D15 Joanna Cheung Chance + Participation = Magic
D16 John Nicol MakerPlane: Open Source Aircraft and the Maker
D17 Joshua Giardino Moving Towards a Sustainable Food Supply with Open Technology
D18 Juan Gonzalez FabSpaces, Using the Open Web to Improve Collaboration Among Makers
D19 Katherine Moriwaki, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Louisa Campbell, Joseph Saavedra, Liza Stark Scrapyard Challenge Jr., A Low-Cost, Reduced Feature-Set Platform Utilizing Open Hardware for Experimenting with Electricity and Materials Through Creating Sound
D20 Liza Stark Opening Ed through Computational Craft: Designing Open Hardware for Educators with BOXES
D21 Marco Perry DIWire a 3D CNC Wire Bender
D22 Nelson Ramon DIY- Anaerobic Chamber
D23 Shannon Dosemagen & Liz Barry Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science: Aerial Mapping and Infrared Imaging
D24 Super-Awesome Sylvia Squishy Space Race 2042: Conductive Dough for Realtime Interaction on the Web via Arduino
D25 Tesia Kosmalski The “Echo Coats”
D26 SparkFun
D27 Sensemakers
D28 Analisa Russo & Jennifer Lewis University of Illinois – Conductive ink
D29 Ricky Ng-Adam / Shyu Lee From Proto-Boards, Shield-Modules to Linux and the Internet, a Panorama of Lophilo
D30 Harish Agarwal BOM Management: Beyond XLS and CSV
D31 Joseph Saavedra, Ed Borden, Dirk Swart, Albert Chao Air Quality Egg: a Community-led OH Development Case Study
D32 Hannah Perner-Wilson A Kit of No Parts
D33 Carl Bärstad & Abhinit Ambastha Sparkling Science
D34 Greg Gage Backyard Brains
D35 Seeed Studios
D36 NYU Poly
D37 Make
D38 Margarita Benitez, Ed Bennett, Chris Yanc, & Markus Vogl OSLOOM (Open Source Loom)

P1 Eric Jennings An Open Source Hardware Sensor Network for the Rest of Us
P2 Ian Lesnet A Sketchy History: USB and Open Hardware
P3 Erin “RobotGrrl” Kennedy Robot Party
P4 Sean McIntyre, Reid Bingham MNDR’s MIDI Synced Rainbow Box
P5 Justin Shaw WyoLum Sweat Equity
P6 Sophi Kravitz You have an Exciting New OSHW Product! Use my Formulaic Flow Chart to See Your Market
P7 Maki Komuro, Shigeru Kanemoto Survive in business with OSHW – the case of a small company in Japan
P8 Bre Pettis Challenges of Open Source Consumer Products
P9 Pat Delany, Tyler Disney Multimachine: A $150 Lathe/Mill/Drill made of Concrete and Scrap Metal