Thank you! Slides, pictures, and video!

by summit on October 3, 2012

UPDATE: Slides and Videos are available linked from the speaker’s name on the schedule page.

The OHS 2012 stage. Photo by Bill Ward.

WOW. It has been quite a year for open hardware. Thank you to all for attending, speaking, sponsoring, presenting demos and posters, and helping the 2012 Open Hardware Summit become such a huge success this year!

We will be posting In the mean time check out the photos in the Open Hardware Summit’s flickr group and upload your own, and visit the ustream channel for the archived live video.

The Summit is completely volunteer run and non-profit. We couldn’t have done it without our dream team and several last minute volunteers who stepped up to tasks we didn’t expect! We are so fortunate to have an amazing community full of talented, giving people – please carry the excitement of the day with you into the following year.

Did you notice that the chairs spelled OH?

The wonderful swag bag provided by our sponsors. Photo by Johngineer.

This year, our gift to OHS attendees was an umbrella, to shield you from the weather and remind you stay open even on rainy days 🙂

Be Excellent to Each Other

by summit on September 23, 2012


You may not have noticed, but about a month ago, we adopted some conference policies. This step was encouraged by a friend and member of the open hardware community, Lenore of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, and we happily complied. Luckily, the folks at the Ada Initiative made it easy for us – they have example drafts of conference policies pretty much ready to go. We’ve never had an issue at the OHS before, but this is in place for the same reason some of us have health insurance – just in case. It basically says “be excellent to each other, and if you aren’t, you may be asked to leave”. So while the Ada Initiative wrote and encouraged adoption of policies targeted towards preventing harassment of women, these ground rules apply to everyone.

Oh, and if you’ve never seen Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (the source of this quote and image), you should ;-).

Demonstrations and Posters list live!

by summit on September 22, 2012

Click on over here to check the almost 50 demonstrations and posters we’ll have from sponsors, companies, groups, and individuals. There will be an amazing array of demos and posters set up all day, so make sure to wander over during the breaks and definitely during the end of day reception.

The open hardware community has been SO supportive of the Summit that we are completely booked and out of tickets, even for sponsors. Originally sponsorships at the Supporter level and above ($300+) included a complementary ticket, but we can no longer offer this perk. Also, some sponsorship levels included a logo on our banner and the program, but those have been shipped off to the printers! You can of course still sponsor at any level and will get a logo on the website, a digi-badge, etc. Thank you to all of our sponsors – we couldn’t do this without you!


We are excited to announce that we are officially sold out of tickets to the 2012 Open Hardware Summit! However, there is one way you can still get in… if you sponsor at the supporter level or higher ($300+), a complimentary ticket is included as a benefit! We are still looking for sponsors so if you’re looking for a ticket, this is the way to go.

Sponsors, we still need you!

by summit on August 29, 2012

We at the Open Hardware Summit work very hard to keep the Summit accessible to all people and companies, big or small. We keep the ticket prices affordable (even with meals, cocktails, a kickass lineup and a goody bag to die for!), and we cap sponsorship levels so every sponsor gets the recognition they deserve. But in order to do this, we need your help! Please consider supporting the Open Hardware Summit 2012 by becoming a sponsor. Different levels are available from $20 to $4500+, and (besides making history), the benefits are totally worth it (complimentary tickets, goody bag access, reserved seats, etc.)! You can sponsor by PayPal, credit card (through PayPal), or by sending a check – the details are all here.

A huge thank you to those who have already Sponsored for 2012:

Bryan Thomas
Alicia Gibb
Nicolas Saugnier

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A World Maker Faire ticket is in the bag!

by dustyn on August 22, 2012


We’re excited to announce that Maker Faire, long time supporter of the Open Hardware Summit, will be including 1 one-day complimentary ticket to World Maker Faire New York in the Open Hardware Summit goodie bag, as well as discount codes for family and friends! As many people are familiar with Maker Faire in this crowd, we think you’ll be excited too. If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s a little taste of what it’s like:

World Maker Faire New York – 3rd Annual. We like to call it the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth!

Produced by the folks who bring you MAKE magazine, Maker Faire celebrates things people create themselves — from rockets and robots, to DIY science and technology, to sustainable foods and upcycled clothes.

There will be over 500 Makers and Maker organizations participating and showcasing their projects. The festival is expected to draw over 40,000 attendees from across the state, the country, and around the world.

Saturday, September 29th – from 10am – 7pm
Sunday, September 30th – from 10am – 6pm

New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)
47-01 111th Street
Queens, NY 11368-2950

If you haven’t been to Maker Faire, it’s a very a prominent and important part of the DIY movement and has a lot of overlap with open source hardware. You can check out other Maker Faires locations on the Maker Faire website:

We hope you’ll take advantage of the complimentary ticket and further support the DIY / Maker movement. The fabulous people on the Maker Faire crew have given the Summit a large amount of support in the past and continue to do so. We even scheduled the Open Hardware Summit two days before Maker Faire this year again even though it is not co-located, since we know how many amazing people they attract. We are honored to be part of this community, standing on the shoulders of giants. We couldn’t do it without you! Also check out their extended Call for Makers and the Early Bird Tickets deal!

Call for Makers
Makers, tinkerers, innovators and hobby enthusiasts still have the opportunity to show their stuff at World Maker Faire. The Call for Makers has been extended to August 24, 2012. Visit to learn more about how to submit.

Early Bird Tickets
If you need more than 1 one-day pass make sure to take advantage of the early bird offering:

More info about this year’s World Maker Faire here.

Get your OHS tickets here!

by dustyn on August 3, 2012

Have you seen our incredible lineup of speakers yet? We have a lot of fresh blood mixed in with a few names you’ll probably recognize, and we are extremely excited to host such a diverse group.

Please, purchase your tickets here.
Tickets include breakfast, snacks, beer/wine, plus an amazing goodie bag from our fabulous sponsors. More about tickets on the Attend page.

Sponsors, we still need you! The Open Hardware Summit would not be possible without you. We strive to keep the summit accessible, and still need some help covering our budget. Please consider joining our current list of amazing sponsors, and see the amazing benefits you can get!

2012 Speaker Lineup

by dustyn on July 23, 2012

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone that submitted talks, demos, and posters. We received an overwhelming number of submissions, and have been working hard to schedule an amazing day for everyone that will attend. Another big thank you to our ~60 reviewers! All notifications of acceptance have gone out. The quality of the submissions made our jobs very hard, but remember if your talk wasn’t accepted, you have the option of resubmitting as a poster or demo by 5pm EST July 31st. Now, without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce the OHS 2012 speaker lineup:

Chris Anderson – Microeconomics for Makers: Business Models for the New Industrial Revolution

Big Picture, Big Ideas
Dale Dougherty – Makerspaces in Schools and Communities
Leah Buechley – Empowerment and Open Source Hardware
Akiba – Humanitarian Open Source Hardware
Michael Weinberg – How Hardware Is Helping Save Open in DC
Ayah Bdeir – Breaking Open Our Education

Community & Education
Shannon Dosemagen & Liz Barry – Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science: Supporting Community Advocacy
Jim Burke – The Power Racing Series: How Open Competition and Hackerspaces Inspire the Public
Katherine Moriwaki, Louisa Campbell, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph Saavedra, Liza Stark – Scrapyard Challenge Jr.: A low-cost, reduced feature-set platform utilizing open hardware for experimenting with electricity and materials through creating sound
Paulo Blikstein – The FabLab@School Project: Digital Fabrication for the Other 99%
Sylvia Todd & Joey Hudy – Why Open Hardware is Super-Awesome for Kids

Hardware & Materials
Dominic Muren – Free As In Dirt: Why Matter Matters for Open Hardware
Erin Kennedy – Sharing the Inspiration with Robot Kits!
Pat Delany – Multimachine: A $150 Lathe/Mill/Drill made of Concrete and Scrap Metal
Josef Prusa – The Art of RepRap Breeding

Legal & Licensing
Andrew Katz & Myriam Ayass – Open Hardware Licensing: Why? How?
David Carrier – Finding the Limits of Open Hardware: Examples and End Cases
Kipp Bradford – Patents 3.0: How to fix American Innovation

Business & Manufacturing
Marco Perry – Going from a Heavy IP World (patent everything!) to an Open Hardware World
Amanda Wozniak – Hands on Design for Hardware: A Primer on Manufacturing and Ethnography of Use
Mike Hord – Agency Compliance and You: An Introduction for Small Manufacturers of OSHW
Ian Lesnet – A Sketchy History: USB and Open Hardware
Justin Shaw & Anool J M – WyoLum Sweat Equity
Bre Pettis – Challenges of Open Source Consumer Products

New Frontiers
Greg Gage – Backyard Brains: Improving the Understanding of the Brain Through Open Source Neurotechnology
Russell Neches & Meg Pirrung – An Open Laboratory for Microbial Ecology
Jordan Miller – Sweet Science: 3D Printed Sugar Templates for Regenerative Medicine
John Nicol – Makerplane
Stephen Murphey – Open Sourcing the Final Frontier

Art & Design
Valérie Lamontagne – Open Wearables
Hannah Perner-Wilson – A Kit-of-No-Parts
Chris Novello – illucia dtr

Closing Remarks
Alicia Gibb – The Open Source Hardware Association

Open Hardware Celebration
Dessert will be provided along with beer from Brooklyn Brewery, wine, and other surprises. Posters and demos will be on display, and there will be particular areas and times allotted for discussion groups on specific topics.

The list of poster presentations and demos will be added soon.

Stay tuned for ticket sales!

Under Construction!

by summit on July 11, 2012

Thank you for all your amazing talk, demo, and poster submissions! The Open Hardware Summit elves are working tirelessly to sort through them and get back to everyone. We have been sending out rolling notifications, but we apologize for missing our anticipated notification date of July 8th for everyone. The revised plan is to have all notifications out by the end of this week. See you in NYC!