Paulo Blikstein

Paulo Blikstein is an assistant professor at Stanford University School of Education and (by courtesy) Computer Science Department, where he directs the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab ( Blikstein spearheaded in 2008 the FabLab@School project, a pioneering initiative for the creation of digital fabrication labs in middle and high-schools, now in the US, Russia, Thailand, and India. Blikstein and his colleague Arnan Sipitakiat were pioneers in the open hardware movement by creating the first OH educational robotics board at MIT in 2002, the GoGo Board. Blikstein’s academic research focus on how new technologies can deeply transform the learning of science, engineering, and mathematics. He creates and researches cutting-edge educational technologies, such as computer modeling, robotics, and digital fabrication, creating hands-on learning environments in which children learn science and mathematics by building sophisticated projects and devices. Paulo is also the Founder and Principal Investigator of the newly-created Lemann Center for Brazilian Education at Stanford, a 10-year initiative to transform public education in Brazil. A recipient of the National Science Foundation Early Career Award, and the Google Faculty Award, he holds a PhD. from Northwestern University, an MSc. from the MIT Media Lab, and a B.S. and M.Eng. in Engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.