Backyard Brains: Improving the Understanding of the Brain Through Open Source Neurotechnology

Neuroscience is typically not taught until college, and experiments involving living neurons are unheard of until you are a neuroscience graduate student. Why is that? Neuroscience is a hard subject to teach because the tools to understand the brain are expensive and hard to use. We are attempting to fix that! Using open-source hardware and software, creative-commons lesson plans/student experiments, we are changing the way neuroscience is taught in the classroom. Come see live demonstrations of our open hardware in action!

Greg Gage

About Greg Gage
I am a DIY neuroscientist. I worked as a hardware engineer and code monkey for many years in industry before getting a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering/Neuroscience. I co-founded a company called Backyard Brains with my grad-school labmate (Tim Marzullo) to make research tools available to everyone.