Chance + Participation = Magic

Milk It, Hatch It, and Shear It are all part of a furniture series that fosters interaction through the performance of animal husbandry. The participant activates the furniture pieces, which are embedded with simple technology, in such a way that mimics the practices of tending animals. Re-imagining the normative functions of furniture, this series provides an unexpected and playful experience that rarely occurs in one’s ordinary day-to-day life.


About Joanna Cheung
Ephemeral by nature, this quality is apparent in my work. I am interested in technology as an implementation into the potentials of artificial and collective intelligence, agency and individual perception. My work manifests through the specific use of tangible material as signifiers and my curiosity in the hacking (sub)culture. Flaws are purposefully embedded as a kernel and harnessed as a substance for transcendence.