Demonstration of the ‘Shephard’ Rocket Motor Test Stand

The Shepard Test Stand ( is an open source test stand for Estes rocket motors and the first in a series of open source spaceflight projects at Mach 30.  Come learn about the design and operation of rocket test stands, and how you can build one at your local Makerspace.


About J. Simmons and Greg Moran

J. Simmons is the founder and president of Mach 30 (, and a co-manager of the Shepard Test Stand project.  J. uses his background in systems engineering to coordinate the Shepard team across four timezones.

Greg Moran is the vice president of Mach 30, and an engineer on the Shepard Test Stand.  Greg has hands on experience with rocket design, fabrication, and testing, which is an invaluable asset to the Shepard team.