Should I submit a talk, poster, demo, or some combination?
First check the call for descriptions of what is needed for each submission. If you have a product to show off, a demo is best. If you have something you want the whole community to hear, a talk may be best. And if you have a work in progress project or idea, a poster may be best. Keep in mind that you can submit to more than one category if you have more than one idea or project to talk about!

If my submission is accepted do I still have to buy a conference pass?
Accepted speakers will be exempt from the event registration fee. Poster and demo presenters will still be required to pay the event registration fee.

Will you provide travel assistance?
Unfortunately we’re not able to provide travel or accommodation funding for speakers, poster presenters, or demo presenters.

How long should talks be?
Expected duration for talks is between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the number and quality of submissions.

What is a poster anyway?
A poster is a popular form of sharing your work used at many conferences. For an example from SIGGRAPH (a computer graphics conference), see here. For an example with more visuals and less text, check here. Posters are great for works in progress, where you might not have enough material for a great talk or enough hardware for a great demo, but still have something you want to share with the community.

Can I ship you my project for the demo session?
It will be your responsibility to carry/assemble/set up/disassemble your demo. We are unable to receive shipments or provide storage for demos. There will be time the day before the event for you to set up, or from 8-8:45am the day of the event.