Squishy Space Race 2042: Conductive Dough for Realtime Interaction on the Web via Arduino

I’ll show off how with a very simple program running on an Arduino, almost anything can become a physical interface for controlling interactive content or games on a website in real time. Using some copper pads measuring the resistance of some conductive play-dough, a website reads the raw data and uses it to move space ships in a race to the finish line.


About “Super-Awesome” Sylvia

11 year old girl from Northern California, started making a YouTube show with her dad when she was 8 called “”Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show””, where she built the Drawdio kit by Jay Silver. Now in its third season, Sylvia’s show shows viewers how to make everything from Arduino experiments, to rockets, to sewing projects, and helps explain a little bit of the science of how some things work along the way.