The Art of RepRap Breeding

RepRap 3D printer is still the only OHW project where the majority of users are sourcing and building it themselves. Development happens without any centralized lead. Even though the project has core developers such as myself, we have no decision-making power and what’s built is decided only by evolutionary principles. This gave birth to many breeds and crazy breeders which try to squeeze the most out of their pets.

About Josef Prusa
Josef lives in Prague, heart of Europe. At 22 he’s proud dropout of University of Economics in Prague and author of most popular and wide-spread breeds of RepRap 3D printer, the Prusa Mendel. He teaches at two universities and is author of the book “Getting Started with RepRap” (O’reilly). Josef loves hacking and repurposing objects to achieve objectives they were never intended for. Ultimately this led Josef to the Open Hardware Movement which he finds makes designs both more accessible and hackable by like like-minded individuals. He evangelizes about Open Hardware in Central Europe.