WyoLum Sweat Equity

In a collaborative atmosphere, WyoLum Sweat Equity is a method we have devised for sharing the fruits of our labor. WyoLum is an organization whose primary mission is to promote Open Hardware. One of our projects (ClockTHREEjr) generated revenue that surpassed all of our expectations and we needed a way to account for the efforts of everyone involved. WyoLum Sweat Equity is the result.

About Justin Shaw (justin@wyolum.com, Washington, D.C., USA)
Justin’s training is in mathematics. But lately, he has been captivated by interacting with the “real world.” After experimenting briefly with the Basic Stamp and PIC mirco controllers, he came across the Arduino platform and has never looked back.

About Anool J M (anool@wyolum.com, Mumbai, India)
Engineer by profession (test & measurement + video conferencing), dabbler in astronomy, origami, photography, general tinkering, DIYiY, and of course cycling. He braves the roads and streets daily on his bicycle commute to work, which is quite rare (practically unheard of) in Mumbai. You can witness his harrowing commute on his youtube videos. Projects: Somehow, between all of his hobbies and cycling, he manages to discuss and create original open source circuit boards and projects. As a master of digital design, Anool is the driving force behind ClockTHREE.